The Copy Bar™ by Ashlyn Writes

Desktop Wallpaper Organization Template Kit


Do all of your icons, screenshots, and ideas flurry all over your desktop screen?

Mine did, too—I *kinda* have a screenshot problem. After seeing how a few other creative entrepreneurs sorted their desktops, I created my own template to corral things for myself and for my client work.

Now, I want to hand it over to you!

Here's a ready-to-go desktop wallpaper organization system designed with the creative entrepreneur in mind. 

From client work to drives, ideas (#alltheideas, in fact) to personal life files, this is the desktop background I have replicated on both of my computers to keep me sane and keep client work at my fingertips.

All you've got to do is download a copy and pop in your own photos—or, just use one of the 5 stock images I've provided for you. 

What's included:

  • An instant download in Photoshop format, so you can load in your images and save it immediately.
  • A quick instructions guide, so even if you're not familiar with Photoshop or Adobe you know what to do
  • A 3-minute video training so you can see how I organize my desktop
  • A Canva option, so even if you get freaked out by the idea of opening up Photoshop, you'll be safe
  • 4 stock images that you can get started with